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Wala Barcelona

Paseo de la Zona Franca, 191
08038 Barcelona
933 320 413

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Wala Girona

Pol. Ind. Mas Xirgu.
Pça de Salt, 1
17005 Girona
972 405 876

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Wala Lleida

P.I. Creu del Batlle
Ctra N-II km 459
25194 Lleida
973 281 550

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Wala Tarragona

Ctra. N-340, 220-B Parcel·la 11
Carretera València, 220
43006 Tarragona
977 550 598

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Wala Vic

Carretera Sant Hipòlit, 61D
08500 Vic
930 180 808

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Wala Sabadell

Centre Comercial Via Sabadell, Edifici C
08205 Sabadell
933 800 888

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Unipreus Moda

Carrer del Bisbe Irurita, s/n
25006 Lleida
973 281 095

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Roger de Llúria, 30
25005 Lleida
973 236 572

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The ownership of the club Wala Unipreus allows owners to benefit from the loyalty program, hereinafter called Club, owned Unipreus SL, which is governed by the following clauses:

Club is valid in the following stores Unipreus Group:
  • Wala, Passeig Zona Franca, 191-205 - Barcelona
  • Wala, Plaça Salt, 1 - Girona
  • Wala, Pol. Industrial la Creu del Batlle, Ctra. N-II Km 459 - Lleida
  • Wala, Ctra. València, 220-B - Tarragona
  • Wala, Carretera Sant Hipòlit, 61D - Vic
  • Wala, Centre Comercial Via Sabadell, Edifici C - Sabadell
  • Unipreus Moda, Bisbe Irurita, s/n - Lleida
  • Prilow, Roger de Llúria, 30 - Lleida
Limited time:
  • Club has limited time duration. However, Unipreus SL reserves the right to cancel the Club always communicate holders at least 30 days. In case of an eventual end of the Club, the awards outstanding will expire 30 days from the date of communication. Also Unipreus SL reserves the right to update or modify at any time, in whole or in part, the general conditions prevailing at the time of the Club which will be published on the web
  • Unipreus SL reserves the right to expel all those club members who breach the rules, proving fraud or bad faith conduct in relation to the Club.
  • Club members have at their disposal the exercise of rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition, which may be exercised whenever prove their identity by writing to the Department of Marketing Unipreus SL Cross Industrial Estate Batlle, Ctra. N-II, Km. 459, 25194 Lleida.
Points and Rewards:
  • Club reward their owners with 4% of the amount paid to accumulate in the balance. Purchases made in this sales period also accumulate 4% discount indirect.
  • Gift Coupon: When the accumulated balance by 4% discount indirect get a 10 € voucher issued to a holder to purchase this amount deducted on the next purchase. This voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
  • The accumulated balance will expire if the owner does not accumulate purchases with a value of € 250 for 12 months from the date of registration to the Wala Club or from the date of issuance of the last Buy Check, setting its balance to zero.
  • In a purchase, the amount contributed by Cheque Purchase not accumulated balance. Similarly, this check is not refundable in cash and can only be used in the purchase of items.
  • Other discounts: The Club will offer preferential discounts on certain items by the owners. Such discounts can be applied only in one or several stores Unipreus Group. Also, the Club reserves the right to temporarily limit their rewards while there are other ongoing promotions.
  • Identification: To enjoy the various benefits of the Club is imperative that own initiative identifies the holder as such at the time of checkout.
  • Returns: It is necessary to present the receipt to return or product changes. The return of an item paid with the Purchase Voucher implies proportional refund the amount paid by the owner in the same form in which he paid.
  • A refund or exchange any product paid vouchers own club will cause the correction of the balance of the holder depending on the final amount.
  • The groups, clubs or organizations will not be part of the club since it is aimed exclusively at private customers and end; the same way, all the purchases made by a particular product with resale will not enjoy any advantage Club.
  • Unipreus SL reserves the right not to validate checks if it detects fraudulent use by a holder.
  • Database holders Club is registered with the Data Protection Agency.
  • Membership of the Club by completing the registration form and signature involves reading, understanding and acceptance of the Terms loyalty program described in this document.